Resources for life!

Kainuun Opisto is an adult education centre that provides you with resources for your life. With us, you can prepare yourself for further studies and at the same time experience a year at a multicultural adult education centre and in an international community with new friends. With us, you can also spend an unforgettable gap year or a refreshing sabbatical during your studies.

Come along - The Kainuu countryside is waiting!

Application procedure

Application for the basic school and basic school preparation lines of study should be made using the college application form, together with a copy of your latest school certificate, and your own estimate of your health. Send the application to the rector of Kainuun Opisto. You can apply directly to lines of study using the college's own application form. Application for the tenth grade studies should be made in joint application system, for further information you will find here!

Study costs   

Kainuun Opisto is a state-supported private learning institution, with lines of study that qualify students for state financial support.

Basic education in the basic school line of study (immigrants) and additional basic education (tenth grade) are free of charge for those who received a basic education certificate in 2015 and 2016, as well as those above the age limit for compulsory school, who lack a basic education certificate.

Other students in the basic school lines of study pay a college fee of 115 euros / week. The college fee for those living at home (85 euros) includes tuition and lunch (Mon-Fri). The fee for certifying and registering a study place at Kainuun Opisto is 50 euros, which is non-refundable.

Financial aid for students

You can find more information about student financial aid on the Kela website. Forms on which to apply for student financial aid will also be available from Kainuun Opisto office at the beginning of studies.